Upcoming talks:

Aug 29-31 SREcon EMEA (Dusseldorf, DE) -- closing keynote: "Junior Engineers Are Features, Not Bugs" (extended version!)
Sept 11-13 Devopsdays PDX (Portland, OR) -- "A Brief History of Schedulers" (extended version!)

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Junior Engineers Are Features, Not Bugs

SREcon Americas -- Mar 29, 2018
(15 min, recording with q&a)

There are many benefits to hiring junior engineers, but when it comes to teams responsible for production infrastructure, we default to thinking such risky environments are no place for newbies. However, “the things we do are too risky to have junior engineers working on them” often instead means “we haven’t invested properly in resiliency”. Hiring junior engineers onto production-critical teams can guide you to reduce risk to your production systems by highlighting needed improvements you should be making regardless. We’ll walk through three categories—architecture, process, and tooling—and discuss the specific ways that a junior engineer may help illustrate the need for improvement in each.

A BRief History Of Schedulers

PDX DevOps meetup -- Feb 28, 2018
(10 min)

What do schedulers do for us, how has that changed over time, and why should we care? We'll discuss the historical context that gave rise to early schedulers, and take a look at the state of such tools today.

JobOps: Landing the Right DevOps Role for You

PDX DevOps meetup -- Jul 17, 2017
(25 min)

The types of DevOps teams and the work found within them are as diverse as the varying definitions of "DevOps" itself. This presents a tricky two-way challenge for both candidates and hiring managers. In this talk, you'll gain insight into what DevOps hiring managers are hoping to understand when they read your resume and cover letter, how to paint a clear picture of your experience and skillset throughout the interview process, and just as importantly--how to discern the unique DevOps flavor of the team you're applying for, to determine if it's truly a good fit for you, too.